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Reindeer Jerky is an original snack with a typical taste of wilderness from Northern Europe. Each piece is hand-cut and delicately dried to retain nutrients and unique flavour. Thorough selection of raw material and gentle production guarantee the highest quality. 

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Reindeer Jerky - experience the original taste of purity and unbounded nature 

Reindeer Jerky is a high quality type of dried meat from Northern Europe. Reindeer is a wild forest animal that has a natural nutrition, resulting in nutrient-rich meat. It is characterized by a high protein content with low fat and zero carbohydrate content. It is made from whole pieces of meat, which are then only slightly spiced to maintain its typical wild taste. Thanks to an environmentally friendly production method, Jerky has a significantly lower carbon footprint than mass-produced products. Taste the wildness, freedom and purity of a genuine Northern Europe with hand-cut and carefully dried pieces of meat.


Reindeer Jerky & its advantages

  • dried meat of original taste
  • each piece is hand-cut
  • has a high protein content
  • a gentle way of production



Reindeer meat, sea salt, white wine vinegar, stabilizer (citrus pectin).


Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts100 g
Energy value 1142 kJ / 273 kcal
Protein 54 g
Carbohydrate 2 g
   sugars 1,3 g
Fat 5,1 g
   saturated fats 2,5 g
Salt 3,2 g


Store in a dry place, protect from heat.
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