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Digital Kitchen Scale is a staple accessory in any home. It weighs with accuracy to 1 g, while allowing you to select several other units of measurement. Thanks to the zero/tare function, you can zero/tare it while weighing the ingredients and gradually add more ingredients.

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Digital Kitchen Scale is a great cooking and baking helper, which will ensure that you always have the exact amount of ingredients ready

Digital Kitchen Scale is an essential companion for cooking and baking. It features a stainless steel surface and will weigh your ingredients to within 1 g accuracy, while handling loads up to 10 kg. It will also allow you to find out the quantity of both dry and wet ingredients. When weighing, you have a choice of several units of measurement (g/kg/lb/oz/ml).


Two buttons take care of the operation of the scale. The UNIT button allows you to switch between different units of measurement. Z/T ON/OFF indicates the button to turn on and turn off the scale, as well as to use the zero/tare function. This function allows you to weigh the ingredient, reset the display, and then add the next ingredient to the scale. Since you can add precise amounts of each food item in turn, you can easily prepare, for example, breakfast porridge from several ingredients in one bowl. The bottom of the scale also features non-slip elements, so it won't slide around on your kitchen counter. 


You can turn off the scale manually, but in case you forget to do so, it also features automatic shut-off after 3 minutes. This prevents the batteries from draining prematurely.


This digital kitchen scale comes in handy for everyday work in the kitchen, when you need to weigh your ingredients while cooking and baking. Moreover, you'll also appreciate it when measuring powdered supplements or when you're tracking your daily calorie intake and weighing all your daily meals. In that case, you'll also appreciate its compact size and portability.


The scale requires 2 AAA batteries to operate, which are included in the package. It also includes a user manual with additional technical data, maintenance instructions, safe use and other information. Its operation is very simple, making it a versatile addition in your kitchen.  


Digital Kitchen Scale - GymBeam


Digital Kitchen Scale & its benefits

  • features a stainless steel surface
  • equipped with a non-slip elements on the bottom
  • weighs to the nearest 1 g
  • can handle a maximum load of 10 kg 
  • allows selection of multiple units of measurement (g/kg/lb/oz/ml)
  • features a zero/tare function
  • automatically shuts off after 3 minutes of inactivity
  • compact and practical 
  • requires 2 AAA batteries, which are included 
  • user's manual is also included


Technical details  
Weight capacity 1 g – 10 kg
Scale dimensions 180x140x17mm
Units of measurement g, lb, oz, ml, kg
Colour grey
Material ABS, stainless steel
Power supply 2x AAA batteries (included)
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