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Cut-Out Sports Bra stands out with the cut-out at its back and adjustable shoulder straps. It is made from solid, functional material that absorbs sweat and provides maximum support to your breasts. In addition, it comes with a removable inner padding, meaning you can adjust it according to your needs.

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Cut-Out Sports Bra with removable padding and adjustable shoulder straps provides maximum support both in and out of the gym

Cut-Out Sports Bra is the ideal choice for every female athlete who wants to feel comfortable. It is made from functional, elastic material, which perfectly fits to your body, and reliably absorbs sweat no matter the activity. Its breathability is further added to by the cut-out placed at the back. The bra is made from sturdy fabric that will provide maximum support to your breasts throughout your entire training session. To ensure it adjusts to your needs perfectly, it comes equipped with removable inner padding and adjustable shoulder straps


Aside from the sophisticated material, the bra stands out with its brilliant cut. It is designed so that it stays firmly in place during your entire workout. This is ensured by the sturdy rubber band placed underneath the breasts, which adjusts to your chest. However, the material and functionality aren't the only perks of this product. The bra captivates with its single-colour design, which is easy to combine into outfits. Long story short, this beautiful piece of sportswear certainly won't collect dust in your closet.


Cut-Out Sport Bra Eggplant - GymBeamThe model is 158 cm tall and is wearing a size S.


Cut-Out Sports Bra & its advantages

  • perfectly comfortable bra for sports and leisure
  • comes with removable inner padding and adjustable shoulder straps
  • sturdy fabric provides maximum support
  • pleasant to wear and sweat absorbing
  • simple, easy to combine design



75 % nylon, 25 % elastane


Size Chart

All dimensions are measured while the garment is unstretched and laid.

Front length  31 cm   32 cm 33  cm  34 cm 35 cm 36 cm
Bust circumference 67.5 cm 71.5 cm 75.5 cm 79.5 cm 83.5 cm 87.5 cm
Underband circumference 60 cm 64 cm 68 cm 72 cm 76 cm 80 cm
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