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Compression Arm Sleeves provide support to your upper limb muscles during workouts. Not only do they limit vibration and impact, but they also have an effect on blood circulation and oxygenation of the muscles. As a result, they can help you have better athletic performance and even regenerate faster. They are useful for various activities, including strength sports, running, racquet sports and climbing,

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Compression Arm Sleeves will help to support the performance of upper limb muscles and their subsequent recovery

Compression Arm Sleeves are a functional sports accessory designed to provide comfort and support to your hands during training. They offer support and reinforcement for the arms and forearms, stabilizing the muscles in this area and making them more resistant to shocks or vibrations. The compression material helps promote blood circulation in the muscles, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach them. This way, muscles can be more supplied with energy for maximum performance. Additionally, Compression Arm Sleeves also help with the removal of byproducts of energy metabolism, such as lactate (lactic acid salt), which can alleviate muscle fatigue and thus prolong athletic performance. These arm sleeves are useful not only as an aid for maximizing performance, but also for improving muscle recovery in this part of the body. Furthermore, they serve as an aid against arm swelling resulting from intense workouts.


Compression Arm Sleeves are made from elastic and quick-drying material, making them compact and easy to pack in your sports bag, so that you can always have them at hand.


Suitable for various sports activities, these sleeves come in handy during strength training, especially when exerting pressure on your hand and forearm muscles. Whether performing biceps, triceps exercises, or even deadlifts, Compression Arm Sleeves provide support. They are also useful in racquet sports like tennis or squash, as well as during wall climbing or bouldering. Additionally, you can also use them for running as they can increase upper limbs comfort by preventing muscle tremors.


Compression Arm Sleeves & their benefits

  • a functional sports accessory 
  • made from elastic material 
  • will adjust to your arms
  • dry quickly
  • effectively stabilize the muscles of upper limbs
  • help limit shock and vibration
  • can improve blood flow and muscle oxygenation
  • help supply muscles with energy for maximum performance
  • can promote muscle recovery
  • serve as an aid against swelling of the forearm muscles
  • useful for strength training, running, racquet sports or climbing
  • the package includes 2 sleeves



80% nylon, 20% elastane.    


Size chart

Size S M L
Circumference of the top part of the sleeve (up to maximum stretch) 10 - 22 cm 10 - 27 cm 13.5 - 32 cm
Circumference of the bottom part of the sleeve (up to maximum stretch) 8 - 16 cm 8 - 19 cm 9 - 22 cm
Sleeve length (up to maximum stretch) 34 - 67 cm 38 - 75 cm 42 - 92 cm
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