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Ceramic Cup will make your coffee or any other drink taste even better. It boasts a minimalist elegant design with matte finish and contrasting GymBeam logo. It is a handless cup that comes with a saucer, making it a perfect fit to every kitchen.  

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Ceramic Cup with an elegant design and matte finish will make your coffee or tea taste even better

Ceramic Cup features an elegant design with matte finish and GymBeam logo. It is a simple and minimalistic cup that will effortlessly add an elegant touch to your home. It will make every sip of your drink a delightful experience, while its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold. Furthermore, it is handless and comes with a saucer, creating a perfect combination for enjoying your favourite drink. Whether aromatic coffee or delicious tea – everything tastes so much better from this elegant cup. Last but not least, the cup is microwave and dishwasher safe and thus it is easy to clean.


Ceramic Cup & its benefits

  • an elegant cup with a matte finish
  • comfortable to hold
  • comes with a saucer
  • dishwasher and microwave safe
  • perfect for your favourite coffee or tea



Volume of the cup 190 ml
Top diameter 64 mm
Bottom diameter 47 mm
Middle diameter 78 mm
Diameter of the saucer 11.5 cm
Height of the saucer 0.7 cm
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