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BIO Gunpowder Green Tea makes up for a delicious drink with a slightly smokey flavour after steeping in hot water. The tea leaves give it a bitter-sweet taste and a clear citrus colour. It is an ideal tea to start the new day in the morning.

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BIO Gunpowder Green Tea is a bitter-sweet tea with a characteristic smoky touch, which is ideal for waking up in the morning

BIO Gunpowder Green Tea is ideal for lovers of strong flavours. Don't be intimidated by its name. Gunpowder refers to the form of tea leaves, which are rolled into small balls that may resemble gunpowder at first glance. Just pour hot water over them, and you'll see that they will fully open and give the drink its typical taste and aroma.


You will then smell a slightly smoky aroma, but when you take a sip, you will enjoy its pleasant bitter-sweet taste and nice clear citrus colour. Since it is green tea, it will be ideal to drink it first thing in the morning to wake up your body and mind and improve your concentration for the whole day. However, it also goes well with a meal or instead of an afternoon coffee. If you prefer sweet tea, you can then add some honey or calorie-free sweetener such as erythritol.


BIO Gunpowder Green Tea & its benefits

  • a delicious tea
  • perfect for waking up your body and mind in the morning
  • goes well with meals or instead of coffee
  • has a bitter-sweet taste
  • impresses with smoky notes
  • has a clear citrus colour



Gunpowder green tea - leaves, stems*

* from controlled organic farming



Pour 200 ml of hot water over 1 teaspoon of tea (70-80 °C). Leave to steep for 2–3 minutes. Green tea can be used more than once.



Store in a closed package in a cool, dark place.

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