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BIO Coconut Milk Powder is an instant plant-based alternative to classic cow's milk. It stands out for its pleasant coconut flavour. It will be appreciated by people who avoid lactose and those who want to add flavour to their favourite pancakes, desserts or sauces.

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BIO Coconut Milk Powder is suitable as a lactose-free substitute for classic cow's milk or to add flavour to your favourite desserts, smoothies or sauces

BIO Coconut Milk Powder is an instant version of a delicious coconut drink. You can use it as a plant-based alternative to classic cow's milk, or it can serve as a tasty ingredient in various savoury and sweet recipes. It stands out for its pleasant exotic coconut flavour. This delicacy will thus instantly transport your taste buds to the sunny tropics. Coconut Milk Powder is also gluten- and lactose-free, so people who avoid them can enjoy it as well.


At the same time, it has many uses in the kitchen. For example, you can use it as an alternative to classic milk for coffee. It can help you diversify and soften your favourite smoothie, giving it a pleasant milky flavour and consistency. It can also replace milk in various desserts, pancakes or crêpes. Moreover, you can use it for savoury dishes, for example, for sauces or soups. It also stands out great in Asian dishes, which usually use coconut milk as their ingredient. Last but not least, you can appreciate it if you like travelling and need a long-shelf-life milk alternative. It is thus a versatile, practical food ingredient that you can buy to stock up on and reach for whenever you need it.


 BIO Coconut Milk Powder - GymBeam


BIO Coconut Milk Powder & its benefits

  • dried instant coconut milk
  • has a pleasant coconut flavour
  • BIO quality
  • does not contain gluten or lactose
  • suitable as a substitute for cow's milk
  • can be added to coffee
  • can be used as an ingredient in sauces and soups
  • suitable for desserts, smoothies, pancakes or other sweet recipes



Dehydrated extract from the flesh of organic coconuts 90% (Cocos Nucifera), bio tapioca maltodextrin 10%.


Recommended use

Add 3 spoons (20 g) to 250 ml of water or your favourite smoothie.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition 100 g 20 g *RDI 20 g
Energy value 2640 kJ/ 640 kcal 528 kJ/ 128 kcal 6.3%
Fats 50 g 10 g 14%
   - saturated fatty acids 48 g 9.6 g 48%
Carbohydrates 40.3 g 8.1 g 3%
   - sugars 1.3 g 0.3 g 0.3%
Protein 6.3 g 1.3 g 2.6%
Salt 0.30 g 0.06 g 1%

*The recommended daily intake value of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)



Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight at room temperature.

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