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Biceps BFR Band is a highly comfortable tool designed for effective bicep muscle training. Using it is very straightforward. Simply wrap it around the bicep, creating a restriction in blood flow within that specific area. This unique feature is harnessed to make the training more effective for muscle growth. The band is crafted from a blend of polyester and latex, ensuring a secure and snug fit while maintaining a pleasant feel against the skin. 

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Biceps BFR Band – a practical tool for effective biceps training and muscle growth

Biceps BFR Band is a practical training tool that utilizes the BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) system. It is a training approach focused on restricting blood flow in specific areas. This method is currently being extensively researched for its potential beneficial effects on creating an environment that would stimulate muscle growth (muscle hypertrophy). Essentially, it means that you could potentially achieve remarkable results with less exertion and by using lighter weights. This is certainly appealing to anyone aiming for well-defined biceps. 


One of the great advantages of these restriction bands is their material. They are crafted from a combination of polyester and latex, making them exceptionally durable, flexible, and comfortable on the body. You can rest assured that they won't cause you abrasions or any discomfort during your workouts. This allows you to fully concentrate on your training and give your all during every set. Just adjust the bands to fit on your body, and you're good to go. Furthermore, these bands can be utilized not only for the biceps but also for other muscle groups like the forearms or legs.  


Biceps BFR Band & its benefits 

  • a practical tool for BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training 
  • easy to adjust 
  • helps to effectively exercise the biceps and other muscle groups 
  • ideal for athletes who are looking to grow their muscles 
  • package contains 2 pieces



polyester, latex



60 x 5 cm

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