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Barbell Pad is a great fitness tool for weightlifting as its task is to ensure comfort during exercise. It helps relieve pressure on the cervical spine, for example during squat training with heavy weights. It is made of a solid material - nitrile rubber, which is popular in the aviation or automotive industries for being very durable and comfortable.

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Barbell Pad - a practical exercise tool that relieves pressure on the cervical spine 

Barbell Pad is a practical fitness tool that will ensure your comfort during training. It helps to relieve the pressure on the cervical spine, which arises during squats or lunges when lifting heavy weights. Moreover, you can also use it when doing hip thrust, glute bridge, and the bar will not cause any discomfort.


The pad is made of nitrile rubber (NBR), which is popular for its highly solid form and lower flexibility, especially in the aviation or automotive industries. This pad is an ideal gym companion during strength training.

              Barbell Pad Pink - GymBeam                 

Barbell Pad & its benefits

  • a practical tool for training with heavy weights
  • made of solid nitrile rubber
  • helps relieve pressure on the cervical spine
  • ensures comfort during exercise



Dimensions Length Width
Size (cm) 45 10



Nitrile rubber (NBR).
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