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Women's Infinity I Functional Leggings are made from a premium quality seamless material that will satisfy the most demanding of athletes. They reliably absorb sweat, provide maximum comfort, and sport a timeless three-pattern design. Thanks to all of their properties, these leggings are a truly unique piece you will surely appreciate whether you're up to sports or leisure activities.

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Women's Infinity I Functional Leggings are made from a comfortable material with an elaborate cut that highlights a round booty 

Women's Infinity I Functional Leggings are among the premium pieces that will satisfy the most demanding women. They're manufactured using the unique seamless technology, which ensures maximum comfort no matter the activity or intensity of your training. The material combines nylon and elastane, meaning the leggings reliably absorb sweat while perfectly fitting to your body and highlighting your hard-earned round booty. To ensure a tight fit, the leggings are equipped with an elastic waistband that never slips off, letting you focus entirely on your training and your favourite activities.


If you're enthusiastic about fashion, you will certainly appreciate the stylish design of these leggings. The design has a dark colour scheme, but it's not dull - it combines three different patterns that complement each other perfectly. This is a timeless piece, that will stay trendy, plus, it's easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe.If you want to show your toned abs, combine them with a sports bra or a crop top. And they look just as great with a hoodie or a light sports jacket. Rest assured, you won't help but love these leggings, and you can be certain they won't collect dust in the far end of your closet. 


Join the elite formed around the STRIX brand and fully express your love for an active lifestyle.

                 Women‘s Infinity I Functional Leggings- STRIX

The model is 162 cm high and is wearing a size XS.


Women's Infinity I Functional Leggings & their advantages

  • manufactured using the latest technologies
  • premium material combining nylon and elastane
  • pleasant to touch
  • absorb humidity and sweat
  • provide maximum comfort
  • sport a minimalist design
  • easy to combine into outfits
  • ideal for both sports and leisure



92 % nylon, 8 % elastane


Size Chart

All dimensions are measured while the garment is unstretched and laid.

Size XS S M L
Inner seam 60 cm 61 cm 62 cm 63 cm
1/2 waistline 31 cm 33 cm 35 cm 37 cm
1/2 hip 33 cm 35,5 cm 38 cm 40,5 cm
Front rise 21 cm 22,5 cm 24 cm 25,5 cm
Back rise 25 cm 26,5 cm 28 cm 29,5 cm
1/2 of cuff 8 cm 8,5 cm 9 cm 9,5 cm


General anthropometric dimensions 

Size XS S M L
Waist 58-63 cm 64-71 cm 71-77 cm 78-86 cm
Hips 81-86 cm 86-94 cm 94-104 cm 104-112 cm
Inner seam 75 cm 76 cm 77 cm 78 cm
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