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Infinity I Sports Bra stands out with its design and manufacturing quality. It is made of a premium material using the seamless technology. Moreover, it provides maximum support for the breasts. Last but not least, it features removable padding, which lets you adjust it according to your needs.

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Infinity I Sports Bra - features removable padding and adjustable straps, which provide maximum support and comfort for the breasts 

Infinity I Sports Bra is the perfect choice for all athletes and women who settle for nothing but the best and want to feel comfortable during all their activities. This bra meets all the high demands. It is made of a combination of modern materials such as nylon and elastane and uses the seamless technology. Thanks to this, it perfectly adapts to your body type, and, on top of that, it can reliably wick away sweat while exercising. Some parts of the bra are also equipped with a mesh material that ensures superior breathability. It is made of a firm fabric, which ensures unrivalled support for the breast throughout the whole workout. But that's not all. To make it even more adjustable to your needs, we have equipped it removable padding. 


In addition to the premium material of the bra, you will also appreciate its design. This is because it is designed to stay in place during the entire workout. This is ensured by a firm elastic band at the bottom, which adapts to your bust. On top of that, another great feature are the adjustable straps, thanks to which you can adjust the bra to exactly fit your needs.


The bra doesn't just stand out for its materials and functionality. It also impresses with its amazing style. Even thought it has dark colour scheme, it's far from boring. At first glance, you may notice that the style is complemented by smaller details that make it a truly original piece. On the back, you will find a sexy cut-out that reveals the back, and the part that runs between the shoulder blades is decorated with a brand logo. Finally, you may also notice similar details on the front side of the bra. The inscription and the STRIX brand logo adorn the elastic band under the breasts. To put it short, this bra is truly a masterpiece that should definitely hold a spot of honour in your wardrobe. 


Join the elite ranks of the STRIX brand and show your love for an active lifestyle to the fullest.

 Infinity I Sports Bra - STRIX

 The model is 162 cm tall and is wearing XS size of the product. 


Infinity I Sports Bra & its benefits

  • highly comfortable bra for sports and leisure
  • features removable padding and adjustable straps
  • firm material ensures maximum breast support
  • pleasant to the touch and reliably wicks away sweat
  • minimalist design that is easy to match with other clothes



92% nylon, 8% elastane


Size chart

All dimensions are measured while the garment is unstretched and laid.

Length front 31.5 cm 33 cm 34.5 cm 36 cm
Chest circumference 61 cm 66 cm 71 cm 76 cm
Hem 56 cm 60 cm 64 cm 68 cm

General anthropometric dimensions 

Chest circumference 75-81 cm 82-88 cm 89-96 cm 96-106 cm
Waist 58-66 cm 67-72 cm 72-80 cm 81-93 cm
Hips 81-88 cm 89-96 cm 96-104 cm 104-113 cm
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