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Weightloss Pack is the ideal choice for everyone looking to lose their excess fat. It bundles up a variety of discount price products perfect for weight loss. It includes Nero and L-carnitine fat burners and diet foods such as BIO Zero Fettuccine and ketchup with stevia, with which you can whip up delicious meals with lower calorie counts. 

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Weightloss Pack - a carefully picked selection of products for weight loss and fat burning 

Weightloss Pack will provide you with everything you need to get the best results from your weight loss efforts at a discount price. Thanks to Nero complex fat burner with caffeine, green tea extract and other effective ingredients, you will be able to reduce your body fat levels. Together with the included L-carnitine and a judicious amount of exercise, it will set you on the right path towards your weight loss goals. Aside from regular exercise, the success of your efforts naturally rests upon having the proper diet. To burn excess fat, one has to stay in calorie deficit, meaning you have to take in less energy than your body requires. To aid you with this goal, you may rely on low-calorie substitutes of foods you usually consume. This is why the pack includes BIO Zero Fetuccine – low-calorie pasta made from konjac flour that contains only 7 kcal per 100 g serving, which makes it your best friend during a weight loss diet. It is the ideal choice of sides for accompanying your sauces, meats and their plant based alternatives. 


To help you create even more delicious low-calorie meals, we’ve added Ketchup with Stevia to the pack, which is low in sugar and contains no fat at all. With this ketchup, you can season your weight loss diet meals to perfection. It is ideal for salads, meat marinades or as a dip or sauce to accompany a variety of dishes. 


If you, or anyone in your circle of friends and family are trying to lose some weight, this bundle is the right choice for you to help them achieve just that. 


Weightloss Pack & its advantages

  • includes products to help burn fat and lose weight
  • Nero and L-carnitine are effective fat burners for maximum weight loss
  • zero pasta and ketchup with stevia will help you cook meals with lower calorie counts


Weightloss Pack contains

  1. Nero Fat Burner - GymBeam - 120 capsules of complex fat burner with caffeine.
  2. 2× L-Carnitine 3000 - GymBeam - an effective fat burner in a shot (1× pineapple, 1× grapefruit flavour).
  3. BIO Zero Fettuccine - GymBeam - 385 g low calorie pasta made from konjac flour, perfect for preparing delicious meals.
  4. Ketchup with Stevia - GymBeam - 475 ml of ketchup to add flavour to your dishes.
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