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Other Cereals from manufacturer Wolfberry is a category that covers various alternatives to popular side dishes or ingredients for the preparation of delicious meals. They are popular not only because of their wide range of uses in the kitchen, but also because of their interesting nutritional profile. A great example is the Wholemeal Couscous, which is a popular alternative to the more traditional side dishes. In addition, it boasts a high fibre content and is a great source of protein.

Out of other appealing ingredients that are worth mentioning, there are tapioca pearls, which will serve as a great source of complex carbohydrates. Products from this category can be used as side dishes to your favourite meals, garnishing of ready-made dishes or thickeners for sauces or desserts. They will not only provide you with an interesting alternative to the traditional side dishes, but also enrich your cooked meals with important nutrients.

Come and have a taste of our wide offer of cereals that will win over the hearts of the greatest gourmets.

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  1. Tapioca pearls - Wolfberry
    Tapioca pearls - Wolfberry
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