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Glutamine is a category of products that contain the amino acid glutamine. It ranks among the most represented amino acids in the body and participates in a number of important processes. First of all, glutamine is the basic building block of proteins, which create muscle mass. Because of this, it is often linked with effects on maintenance and growth of muscles. Moreover, this amino acid is also a source of energy for some cells of the immune system and intestinal mucosa. Therefore, it is also able to affect immunity and digestion.

Our body can produce glutamine on its own, however, sometimes this natural production is not sufficient. This happens, for example, when engaging in a strenuous physical activity or during periods of stress. In such cases, it is important to increase the intake of glutamine from either diet or supplements. This amino acid therefore ranks among semi-essential amino acids.  

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Who is glutamine suitable for?

The properties of glutamine make it ideal for every athlete, as well as all active people who are looking to support the regeneration and growth of muscle mass. It will also come in handy during long-lasting or high-intensity training sessions when it's important to replenish the optimal levels of this amino acid. That said, endurance athletes such as runners and cyclists, as well as bodybuilders, weightlifters and other strength athletes will also find it very useful.

This amino acid is naturally found in animal foods such as meat or dairy products. Supplements from this category can thus help vegetarians, vegans and other fans of plant-based diet with the intake of glutamine.

How to take glutamine?

Dietary supplements most often contain this amino acid in the form of L-glutamine. It can be taken in the form of tablets or a soluble powder that makes for a perfect addition to a post-workout drink in order to boost regeneration. Furthermore, an even more effective way are glutamine peptides, which, in comparison with L-glutamine, typically boast a better absorption rate and are quick to digest. A good time to take glutamine supplements is either right after exercise or at any time of the day. The usual serving is 3-6 g per day, however, in some cases, such as when on a diet that is low in glutamine, the serving may be increased. Studies show that glutamine can be taken in an amount of up to 45 g without any side effects.

Finally, in case you want to learn more about glutamine, come check out our article: Glutamine Is Essential for Athletes. 

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  1. L-Glutamine - GymBeam
    L-Glutamine - GymBeam
    96 % (183)
    From €6.95
  2. L-Glutamine TABS - GymBeam
    L-Glutamine TABS - GymBeam
    95 % (33)
  3. Glutamine peptides - GymBeam
    Glutamine Peptides - GymBeam
    51 % (24)
  4. Glutamine - The Protein Works
    Glutamine - The Protein Works
    98 % (13)
    From €12.95
  5. Pure Beef Amino - Ostrovit
    Beef Amino - Ostrovit
    80 % (1)
  6. Glutamín 1250 mg - OstroVit
    Glutamine 5000 mg - OstroVit
    100 % (1)
  7. L-Glutamine Powder - Applied Nutrition
  8. Glutamine 4K - Applied Nutrition
  9. GLUTAMINE300 - ProSupps
    Glutamin 300 - ProSupps
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  10. BCAA + glutamine - OstroVit
  11. Mutant Glutamine - PVL
    Out of stock
    Mutant Glutamine - PVL
    90 % (2)

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