Gymbeam Exercise Mats

Exercise Mats from manufacturer Gymbeam is a product category that offers mats for various activities such as fitness, yoga, strength training, massage, stretching, and meditation. Each type of mat is designed to meet specific requirements, so it is important to consider your needs and choose the mat that best fits your intended activities.

  • If you are engaging in home strength training, yoga, pilates, stretching, or other exercises that require shock absorption, you shouldn't overlook the benefits of a soft exercise mat. Also known as a yoga or camping mat, it is renowned for its exceptional properties, such as a cushioned surface for comfortable sitting and lying.  Moreover, it can also absorb impact, making it ideal for exercises such as burpees or jumping jacks. However, if you prefer to feel the ground beneath you, thinner mats might be the better suited choice for you. All yoga mats are designed for convenient storage and easy portability. A practical sling is included with some mats to further aid in transport.
  • Sturdy exercise mats are then essential for all strength-training athletes, especially when using dumbbells, which can damage the floor. You can use as many of these puzzle-shaped mats as you need, fitting them together seamlessly to create a solid surface for placing your weights. Additionally, these mats can function as a non-slip layer to ensure maximum safety, for example, during your interval training at home.
  • The foldable Tatami mat is a great option if you need a solid surface for stretching, strength training, or a bodyweight workout, but don't want to necessarily keep a large mat at home that would end up taking too much space.
  • Another category is the massage mats, which are designed to help relax the body after long periods of sitting, standing, demanding training, or physically taxing work. These mats can be used to massage the back, feet, and other parts of the body.  An example of such a mat is our acupressure mat.


Shortly put, this product category offers a wide range of mats for different types of activities, and the choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. Whether you opt for a thick or thin yoga mat, a massage mat for relaxation, or a sturdy puzzle-shaped mat to protect your floor, you'll find everything you require in this category.

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