Yoga Mat Sling Black - GymBeam


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Yoga Mat Black Sling is a practical textile strap for quick transfer of the exercise mat. You simply attach the Yoga Mat to the strap with 2 strong steel rings to keep it safe. In addition, the strap can be easily put over the shoulder or back, which guarantees a comfortable carrying.

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Yoga Mat Sling - a practical and durable strap, thanks to which you will be able to take your exercise mat with you anywhere

Yoga Mat Sling is a practical fitness tool that is used to carry an exercise mat. Fasten your mat to this durable textile strap with the help of 2 strong steel rings. They will take care of its safety, which comes handy when, for example, cycling. You can easily throw the strap over your shoulders or back, which guarantees a comfortable carrying. Ready as you are, you can go for a workout or yoga session without having to carry the mat in your hands.

Yoga Mat Sling Black - Gymbeam


Length 185 cm
Widgth 2,5 cm
Thickness 1 cm
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