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Foldable Tatami Mat is 180 cm long designed for all yoga and Pilates enthusiasts. It can be practically folded, and its surface is perfect for stretching or exercising during your favourite fitness activity. You can use it for yoga, body weight strength workout, or just for relaxing activities or stretching.

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Foldable Tatami Mat - a foldable mat for yoga, body weight strength workout, or relaxing techniques

Foldable Tatami Mat is a practical accessory for yoga, Pilates, or other exercise which will improve your flexibility, balance, or shape your figure. It offers a large surface with a length of 180 cm and width of 60 cm which will not limit your movement during your favourite fitness or relaxing activities.


It can be quickly folded, and does not take up much space when transported or stored. Furthermore, it has a nice and soft surface. Exercising on it is therefore comfortable and completely hassle-free.


Foldable Tatami Mat & its benefits

  • pleasant and soft surface
  • quick to fold
  • offers a large surface 180 cm long and 60 cm wide
  • suitable for balance and flexibility exercises
  • practical fitness accessory for yoga or Pilates



Length 180 cm
Width 60 cm
Height 2 cm

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