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X-Grip Lifting Straps help you gain a better grip on the barbell for more effective strength training. Using the loop, you secure one end of the strap around your wrists, while using the other end equipped with an anti-slip surface to wrap around the bar. This way you remove excess strain on your forearms when doing pull exercises such as deadlifts. With these lifting straps, your grip will be more powerful and more stable, meaning you’ll be able to lift bigger loads or perform more extensive rep ranges.

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X-Grip Lifting Straps with anti-slip surface allow for a more stable barbell grip, meaning you can lift heavier loads or perform more exercise repetitions  

X-Grip Lifting Straps are highly practical training accessories that will help you strengthen your grip when lifting heavy weights. These classic lifting straps are equipped with a loop on the end that attaches to your wrists and an anti-slip surface coating on the end that wraps around the barbell. With their generous length of 60 cm and 4 cm of width, they are easy to attach to the bar, thus helping you reduce strain on your forearms and fingers when doing heavy pulling exercises such as deadlifts


For more comfortable use, the straps are equipped with soft padding at the section that fits against the back of your hand - an area that usually receives the most stress. This means you will be a lot less limited by your grip strength when lifting heavy weights, and as a result, will be able to lift heavier weights and/or perform more repetitions. Ultimately, using a pair of lifting straps helps contribute to developing your strength and muscle mass growth. 


X-Grip Lifting Straps are made from solid and sturdy material that combines cotton, polyester and PVC. They are an ideal training tool for all lovers of fitness, bodybuilding, heavy lifting, powerlifting and crossfit



X-Grip Lifting Straps & their advantages 

  • exercise accessory for better grip
  • reduce tension in forearms and fingers
  • length of 60 cm, and width of 4 cm
  • made from sturdy cotton with an admixture of polyester and PVC
  • equipped with an anti-slip coating
  • equipped with soft padding
  • package includes a pair of straps for each hand
  • easy to use
  • ideal for deadlifts and other pulling exercises
  • ideal for strength athletes, bodybuilders, heavyweight lifters and powerlifters 


How to attach lifting straps? 

  1. Thread one end of the strap through the eyelet to create a loop.
  2. Thread your hand through the loop so as to rest the back of your hand on the padded section. Fasten the loop so that it’s not too loose. 
  3. Place your hand on the barbell using overhand grip and wrap the loose end of the strap around the bar once or several times.
  4. Once the strap is wrapped around the bar, secure the remaining bit of the loose end by gripping it tightly against the bar. Do the same for the other hand and you are ready to commence with the exercise. 
  5. To loosen the strap, simply unhand the bar and unwrap the strap. 



70 % cotton, 15 % polyester, 15 % PVC.



Length 60 cm
Width 4 cm
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