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Wooden Barbell Jack is a practical tool that makes it easier to put on and take off the weight plates from the barbell. Just slide the barbell jack at one side of your barbell and use it to lift the barbell off the ground. Then you can easily and safely change the weights on the barbell. This is especially useful when performing deadlifts, pull-ups, rows, overhead press and other exercises where you lift the barbell off the ground. 

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Wooden Barbell Jack - a practical tool that makes changing weights during deadlifts and other barbell exercises easy and quick

Wooden Barbell Jack is a great tool that allows you to change or remove weight plates from the barbell easily and safely. The product is made from birchwood, which is lightweight and durable. It is also reinforced at the round notch designed to catch the barbell for maximum durability. At the same time, thanks to the smooth surface, there is no risk of damaging the barbell. This tool also features an ergonomic shape, making it more comfortable to use. 


The barbell jack allows you to lift the weight plates off the ground, making it much easier to operate with them. This way, when you need to change weight quickly, the weight plate will no longer scrub against the ground, making it difficult to remove it from the barbell. The Barbell Jack will lift the barbell with the weight plates, so you'll have to just take the plates off and set them aside. In the same way, you can smoothly add weights to the barbell.


How to use a wooden Barbell Jack? First, grab it by the top and slide the barbell into the opening in the jack to hook it (on the side where you want to change the weight). Then raise the jack by pulling it inwards to a vertical position and lift the barbell. Now you can comfortably start taking the weight plates off or putting them on. When you're done, grab the Barbell Jack by the top again, push the jack back outwards, and the barbell with plates will lower down to the ground. Put the barbell jack aside and you can start performing your exercise.


This handy tool will thus help you change the weight on your barbell quickly and effectively. You will save time and energy, which you can use to the fullest when exercising. The wooden Barbell Jack is also lightweight and portable, so it fits in your gym bag. It will find a place in any gym as well. It is especially useful for deadlifts, rows, snatches and clean & jerks and other exercises in which you lift the barbell off the ground. Therefore, it is perfect for weightlifters, crossfitters, power triathletes and all other gym-goers.


Wooden Barbell Jack & its benefits 

  • practical barbell jack for changing weights on the barbell
  • made from birchwood
  • has an ergonomic shape
  • fits a classic Olympic barbell
  • easy to use
  • lightweight and portable
  • easy to load and unload weight plates from the barbell
  • ideal for deadlifts, rows, snatches, clean & jerks and other exercises
  • will be appreciated by weightlifters, crossfitters, and other strength athletes
  • suitable for any gym



birch plywood



Dimensions 48 cm x 14.5 cm x 6 cm
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