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Women's Daily T-Shirt is a premium quality clothing item made from pure cotton that stands out with its comfort and stylish look. It's ideal for training at the gym, but it can just as effectively accompany you on your working days or during your leisure time. Wherever you choose to wear it, you can be sure it will help you feel confident, beautiful and fit.

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Women's Daily T-shirt is made from pure cotton, which makes it perfectly comfortable and breathable

Daily Women's T-shirt is a perfectly comfortable clothing item made from pure cotton which gives it great breathability, making it the ideal choice not only for leisure time activities, but also for gym, work, or time spent relaxing at home. It sports a simple design with the BEASTPINK logo, and is therefore very easy to mix and match with other clothes. It captivates with its timeless look and chic cut that highlights female curves. Simply put, Daily T-shirt will provide a pleasant company wherever you are, helping you feel confident, beautiful and fit

                          Women's Daily T-Shirt Black - BeastPink

The model is 160 cm tall and is wearing a size S.


Women's Daily T-shirt & its advantages

  • made from pure cotton
  • sports a perfectly fitting cut
  • simple, easy to combine design
  • decorated with the BEASTPINK logo at the chest
  • ideal for office, school or sports 


How to pick the right size?

Velikost dámského trička Daily - GymBeam


100 % cotton


Size Chart

Bust 41 cm 44 cm 49 cm 53 cm 57 cm 59 cm
Length 60 cm 62 cm 65 cm 66 cm 67 cm 70 cm
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