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Women's Beam T-Shirt is designed for all athletes and other women who enjoy constant motion and would like to improve and grow in various areas of life. It is made of 100% breathable cotton, ensuring maximum comfort. The modern design of the T-shirt with the quote will then reflect your positive mindset.

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Women's Beam T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton, features a trendy motivational design that clearly shows that you don't go with the crowd and want to keep working towards your dreams

Women's Beam T-Shirt is an essential piece for women who put on a lot of effort and push the limits in all areas every day. This is further reflected by the modern design with a sports theme on the chest. You can wear this T-shirt to work or college, or for various activities of moderate intensity, such as a walk or yoga. During these activities, you will appreciate its breathability, which is ensured by 100% cotton. The pleasant and practical fit will not restrict your movement. This is also why this t-shirt will become your favourite must-have piece to wear.


Women's Beam T-Shirt Orange - GymBeamThe model is 160 cm tall and is wearing a size S.


Women's Beam T-Shirt & its benefits

  • stylish and comfortable women's t-shirt
  • boasts a trendy design with a sports theme
  • made of 100% cotton
  • stands out for its maximum breathability
  • pleasant on the body
  • ideal for everyday wear
  • suitable for moderate-intensity activities
  • suitable for rest



100% cotton


Size Chart

Chest width 41 cm 44 cm 47 cm 50 cm 53 cm 56 cm
Length 58 cm 60 cm 62 cm 64 cm 66 cm 68 cm
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