Women’s Agile Tank Top Desert - GymBeam

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Women’s Agile Tank Top is a trendy timeless piece with a loose fit, perfect for every figure. Thanks to the high-quality material, it is soft and comfortable, as well as breathable and reliably sweat-wicking. It's suitable for gym workouts, intense sports activities and casual wear.

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Women’s Agile Tank Top is a modern and airy piece made of comfortable material, which is perfect for sports and leisure days

Women’s Agile Tank Top will fit perfectly into your sports and leisure wardrobe. It is a trendy, airy piece made of quality material that will take care of your comfort during your favourite activities, helping you to give your best. It is made of polyester, cotton and viscose, resulting in an ideal combination of properties. Polyester ensures its durability, flexibility and good sweat-wicking, while cotton is responsible for making the tank top soft and pleasant to the touch. In addition, thanks to the viscose, this piece is also superbly breathable. Combined with the loose fit and wide armholes, it's perfect for hot summer days. Plus, it doesn't restrict movement and fits every body shape perfectly.


Women’s Agile Tank Top boasts a simple and minimalist design, adorned with only a subtle GymBeam logo. This makes it great to combine not only with sporty pieces. You can wear it with shorts, leggings, sweatpants, or even jeans. It also has versatile uses as it is great for gym workouts, running, hiking and other popular sports. But it's also great for walking, casual wear or home lounging. So it's a versatile piece you can take whenever you feel like wearing a comfortable sports outfit.


Women’s Agile Tank Top Desert - GymBeam

The model is 160 cm tall and is wearing a size S.


Women’s Agile Tank Top and Their Benefits

  • the ultimate comfortable and trendy piece
  • suitable for both sports and leisure
  • has a loose fit and minimalist design
  • made of polyester, cotton and viscose
  • has wider armholes 
  • soft and comfortable to the touch 
  • wicks away sweat
  • breathable 
  • doesn't restrict movement
  • adjusts well to any body shape
  • can be paired with shorts, leggings and jeans
  • suitable for gym workouts, running, other sports and casual wear



48% Polyester, 28% Cotton, 24% Viscose


Size Chart

All dimensions are measured while the garment is unstretched and laid.

Front length 51 cm 51.5 cm 52 cm 52,5 cm 52,5 cm 53 cm
Chest circumference 94 cm 98 cm 103 cm 108 cm 114 cm 120 cm
Waist circumference 97 cm 101 cm 106 cm 111 cm 117 cm 123 cm
Strap circumference 7.5 cm 7.5 cm 7.5 cm 7.5 cm 7.5 cm 7.5 cm
Bottom hem circumference 98 cm 102 cm 107 cm 112 cm 118 cm 124 cm


General anthropometric dimensions

Chest Circumference 76-81 cm 81-86 cm 86-91 cm 91-96 cm 96-101 cm 101-106 cm
Waist circumference 58-63 cm 63-68 cm 68-73 cm 73-78 cm 78-83 cm 83-88 cm
Hips circumference 86-91 cm 91-96 cm 96-101 cm 101-106 cm 106-111 cm 111-116 cm
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