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Water Powerball is a functional home workout tool. Its lightweight yet sturdy PVC build can be easily filled with water for weight and used for strength training. This practical alternative to sand-filled powerballs has the weight capacity of 15 kg and provides you with a great way for doing a full body training at home or anywhere else.

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Water Powerball is a practical home workout tool that only needs to be filled with water for extra weight 

Water Powerball is a practical tool for a full body workout at home. It presents a practical alternative to dumbbells for everyone who doesn't like to have their home cluttered with heaps of heavy iron. Since it is also much easier to carry around, it makes for a great exercise tool while travelling, as it allows you to do free weight training anywhere you go without having to bring heavy dumbbells with you. All you need is access to a water source. The Powerball itself is very light until filled with water for the extra weight. Using its full capacity of 15 L turns it into a 15 kg weight. Naturally, when filled with less water, you can regulate the resistance desired. These features make the Water Powerball a versatile strength training tool for both men and women. What's more, it can be conveniently used for exercises focused on explosivity and stamina. 


Using the Powerball is very simple and accessible. Simply fill the ball with the desired amount of water to reach the weight required for your exercise. The ball comes packaged with blue water dye, which not only makes its use more stylish, but from a practical standpoint, it helps you visually determine the level of water used. Once the ball is filled with water, close it with the screw-on lid provided, to prevent spilling or leaks. Finally, the rest of the volume needs to be filled up with air using the air pump that comes included with the product. Once prepared in this manner, the ball is ready for use.  


The Powerball comes equipped with two sturdy handles, which will allow you to perform your exercises in a more controlled manner, preventing it from slipping from your grip. The ball allows you to perform squats, lunges and a wide variety of push & pull exercises for most muscle groups.  It is the ideal aid for full body training at home as well as on the road, on a vacation, and just about anywhere else you go. 


 Water Powerball - GymBeam


Water Powerball & its advantages

  • functional home workout tool
  • adjustable weight
  • weight capacity of approx. 15 kg
  • made from sturdy PVC
  • equipped with two side handles for better grip
  • comes with an air pump and blue water dye
  • fill with water, pump with air and exercise
  • ideal for strength and cardio training
  • helps improve your explosivity
  • ideal for travelling 






Diameter 30 cm
Maximum weight limit 15 kg
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