OstroVit Thermogenic Fat Burners

Thermogenic Fat Burners from manufacturer OstroVit is a category of products that contains fat burners with a thermogenic effect. These types of fat burners rank among the most popular dietary supplements in terms of weight loss. Therefore, their ingredient profile includes proven compounds such as synephrine, caffeine or the green tea extract (EGCG). These are often associated with accelerating metabolism and a more efficient use of fat as an energy source. However, they are also valued for their invigorating effects. They can thus help maintain your diet and training schedule, which in the end leads to a more effective weight loss process.  

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How do thermogenic fat burners work, and what do they contain?

In this category, you can find both single component and multicomponent supplements. Synephrine ranks among the most popular single component thermogenic fat burners. This compound comes from the fruit of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium) and has the ability to increase the breakdown of fats into energy. You can then use this energy for sports or other physical activities. The green tea extract (EGCG) boasts similar effects and works best in combination with physical activity.

Another popular thermogenic fat burner is caffeine. It is because this world's most popular stimulant has an effect on adrenaline and norepinephrine. These hormones (catecholamines) promote fat burning, which can then be used as a source of energy. Moreover, caffeine is a great way to energize yourself before exercise or at any time of the day. Thanks to this, you will be able to push yourself further and deliver a more intense and concentrated performance during exercise, which in turn can help you burn a little more calories and maximize the effect of the fat burner.

The main advantage of multicomponent thermogenic burners is that they combine several functional ingredients that complement each other with their effects. This makes the whole blend even more effective. A great example is the fat burner called FueBurn, which combines all the benefits of synephrine, EGCG and caffeine. These ingredients complement each other and work in synergy. Furthermore, the ingredient profile of this fat burner also includes capsaicin as well as other biologically active ingredients, which make it the ideal complex supplement to use. With its help, you can burn more calories both during sports and your leisure time, thus accelerating the weight loss process.  

Whatever thermogenic burner you decide to choose, always keep in mind that it works best in combination with physical activity. In addition to regular physical activity, the basis for a successful weight loss also lies in modifying your diet. Using a fat burner will then make your efforts to lose weight much more effective and speed up the whole process.

If you want to learn more about how to choose an effective fat burner, you should definitely check out our article:  How to Choose the Most Effective Fat Burner, and How to Use It?

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