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Stainless Steel Straws Set includes two straws, one straight and one angled. These are indispensable accessories for every lover of shakes, smoothies and other drinks. They are made from stainless steel, which does not capture any aromas. The straws are easy to clean and come with a brush that will help you do just that. The set includes a practical VanaVita pouch that allows you to take your straws with you wherever you go. 

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Stainless Steel Straws Set includes two straws with a cleaning brush and a practical pouch for all lovers of shakes, smoothies and other drinks  

The Stainless Steel Straw Set is an indispensable accessory for everyone who loves shakes, smoothies and other delicious drinks. This set of two straws, one straight and one angled, is made of stainless steel thanks to which both of them are durable, easy to clean and do not capture any aromas. Thanks to the variety in shape, you can choose according to your preference. 


For better cleaning, the set includes a brush so that you can maintain your straws in the best shape possible. In addition, it comes with a practical VanaVita pouch, which allows you to take your straws wherever you go. This way you will always have your high quality straws clean and ready at hand so that you can enjoy your favourite drinks anytime. To further add to your enjoyment of delicious beverages, you may appreciate the fact that with this purchase, you can say goodbye to using plastic straws once and for all, which helps save the planet. Another great advantage of steel straws is that they do not soak up in liquids, contaminating your beverage with unpleasant aromas. With this set of straws, you'll be able to enjoy your favourite drinks like never before. 



Stainless Steel Straws - VanaVita


Stainless Steel Straw Set & its advantages  

  • a set of two straws, one angled and one straight  
  • made from stainless steel 
  • durable and resistant to aromas
  • easy to clean
  • eco-friendly choice
  • don't contaminate your drink or release any aromas into it
  • set comes with cleaning brushes and a VanaVita pouch
  • ideal for drinking your favourite smoothies, shakes and other beverages
  • easy to carry anywhere you go
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