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Shakers from manufacturer XBEAM is a category in which you can find protein shakers, dietary supplements, sports drinks, or gaming pre-workout supplements. Shakers are practical containers of various shapes and sizes that serve as the foundation of any sports equipment. Whether you are into weightlifting and need a protein shaker or engaging in any other sport that requires a reliable shaker for dietary supplements or sports drinks, these helpers will effectively shake up all powdered supplements into a smooth consistency without any lumps using a practical sieve or spiral ball.

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Of course, they also feature a sturdy lid and reliable sealing, so you don't have to worry about liquids spilling, for example, in your sports bag. You can choose shakers of various volumes, such as 400, 500, 750, or 800 ml. The design also depends on your preferences, perfectly capturing your style or personality. There are sporty-themed shakers, as well as popular military, musical, or superhero motifs. Some of them also offer additional great features, like a convenient closure for easier drinking, being BPA-free, or having a durable steel body. In addition to the classic types, we also have multi-compartment shakers with space for supplements or electric shakers that allow for effortless automatic mixing. Everyone can find their ideal shaker by choosing the right material, design, shape, and overall specification that suits them best.

A great bonus is that you can also use these shakers as containers for water, smoothies, or fruit juices. Thanks to this versatility, everyone who keeps a close eye on their fluid intake can make use of these shakers. Our shakers are truly multifunctional containers that can reliably prepare drinks based on your goals. Whether you want to use them for water or sports drinks, or to perfectly shake up your protein powder, gainer, creatine, or any other favourite supplement, these shakers have got you covered.

Come and choose your shaker from our diverse selection and indulge in perfectly mixed powdered supplements.

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