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Set of Satin Hair Ties includes three hair ties made from soft and gentle material. They won't damage your hair while keeping it in a tight bun or ponytail. You'll appreciate them during casual wear, as well as during sports.

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Set of Satin Hair Ties contains three hair ties that are both strong and gentle on your hair

Set of Satin Hair Ties contains three stylish hair ties that will reliably hold your hair together while playfully complementing your outfit. The soft satin fabric they are made of will make sure that your hair doesn't crease or break when you use them. That's why it's also the material of choice for the CGM method (Curly Hair Method), which is based on gentle hair care. However, the hair ties are still strong and reliably hold your ponytail or bun in place.


No matter if your hair is straight, curly or wavy, these hair ties will always be the right choice. Just choose one of the three unique colours that will suit your outfit the most. The hair ties are suitable for casual wear, and they'll equally complement your sports outfit. They will hold your hair up during gym workouts, running or any other favourite sports activities. This way your hair won't fall in your face, and you will enjoy your favourite activity more. Thanks to their stylish design, the hair ties also look great on your wrist. You can wear them as a bracelet and have them within your reach anytime.


Remember to keep such hair ties clean as well. While it's not recommended to machine wash them, you can easily hand wash them to keep them fresh. Feel free to become part of the BeasPink community, which will awaken in you the confidence and desire to work on yourself. 


Set of Satin Hair Ties Mix - BeastPink


Set of Satin Hair Ties & benefits

  • includes three hair ties in different colours 
  • a stylish fashion accessory
  • made from a gentle material
  • hold the hair firmly
  • do not break or crease hair
  • suitable for the CGM method
  • keep hair out of the face
  • suitable for straight, curly and wavy hair
  • suitable for casual wear, as well as for the gym, running or other sports



satin fabric (85% polyester, 15% elastane)

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