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Resistance Chute for Running is a sports tool for training speed and explosivity. Once attached to the body, the chute expands as you are set in motion, providing extra resistance for your movement forward, thus increasing the intensity and effectiveness of your training. It is ideal for sprinters, endurance runners, football or basketball players, as well as other athletes.

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Resistance Chute for Running is a sports tool for increasing the intensity of running training geared towards explosivity, dynamics and speed 

Resistance Chute for Running is an effective training tool for increasing the resistance when running. It is equipped with an adjustable strap that attaches to the runner's waist. The chute expands as you set into motion, providing extra resistance for movement forward. By doing this, it creates extra stimulus for the muscles of your legs and midsection, which results in more difficult and thus effective running training.


Running with added resistance is ideal for developing your explosivity, dynamics and maximum speed. In addition, it strengthens your legs and even engages your core muscles, especially your obliques. As a result, the chute allows you to improve your performance in all of the aforementioned areas. 


This training tool is the ideal choice for all the athletes looking to improve the speed element of their performance. It is of great service to sprinters, as well as endurance runners who are looking to increase their speed capacity. Furthermore, it will be of assistance to the athletes who need to work on their acceleration and motion dynamics. Among such athletes may be football, rugby or basketball players. Finally, athletes who dedicate themselves to martial arts or crossfit as well as other sports focused on performance can benefit from the speed training too. 


The resistance chute is made from polyester, which makes it lightweight and easy to store. Simply pack in into the bag provided and set out to exercise on the round track, your local park, sports rink or your favourite trail. 


Resistance Chute for Running & its advantages

  • training tool for runners
  • increases resistance in running
  • ideal for improving your explosivity, speed endurance and maximum speed capacity 
  • helps strengthen lower body
  • comes in a practical bag
  • equipped with adjustable waist strap that can be expanded up to 108 cm
  • lightweight and easy to store
  • length of 1.6 m when expanded
  • ideal for sprinters as well as team sports players
  • suitable for developing speed in endurance runners
  • suitable for performance focused athletes


Technical details of Resistance Chute for Running

Material Polyester
Length of the chute when expanded 1.6 m
Maximum circumference of the adjustable waist strap 108 cm
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