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C4 Original is popular pre-workout stimulant with improved formula which guarantees dynamic power, increased concentration and will prepare you for any challenge. It contains effective certified substances for support of performance, concentration and power. 


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C4 Original - pre-workout stimulant with improved formula which guarantees dynamic power and will prepare you for any challenge

C4 Original is new pre-workout stimulant changed by new effective ingredients - it contains higher dose of caffeine and arginine alpha ketoglutarate for perfect pump up. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is the substance known for its strong ability to act as supportive means. Cellucor C4 of the new generation contains beta alanine, creatine and other substances supporting performance, concentration and power. 


Pre-workout stimulant C4 Original guarantees dynamic power, increased concentration and will prepare you for any challenge. Millions of people - from the beginners to elite sportsmen - rely on C4 pre-workout stimulant which helps them to change their ambitions for success. 


Pre-workout stimulant C4 Original - Cellucor


C4 Original and its benefits

  • successful pre-workout stimulant
  • has innovated formula
  • it contains effective and certified substances
  • it supports performance
  • it guarantees dynamic power
  • it increases concentration
  • it excellently energizes for training



Cherry limeade flavour: CarnoSyn® (Beta alanine), micronized creatine monohydrate, arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, polydextrose, acid regulator (citric acid), flavours, N-acetyl L-tyrosine, water free caffeine, anticaking agent (silicon dioxide, calcium silicate), sweeting (acesulfame potassium, sucralose), vitamins (ascorbic acid, folic acid, nikotinamid, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, methylcobalamin), dye (red allura).


Recommended use

Mix one serving (6,5 g) with 150-200 ml of water and use 20 - 30 minutes before training. 



Nutrition facts (cherry limeade flavour) 1 serving (6,5 g)
Vitamin C 37,5 mg
Vitamin B6 0,5 mg
Folic acid 100 μg
Vitamin B12 1,25 μg
CarnoSyn® Beta alanine 1600 mg
Micronized creatine monohydrate 1500 mg
Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate 1000 mg
N-acetyl L-tyrosine 200 mg
Water free caffeine 150 mg



Supplement designed for adults over 18 years. Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of reach of small children. Do not combine with alcohol and drugs! Lower the caffeine receive from other sources (for example, coffee, tea, etc.). The product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Store in a dry place. Read the instructions for use and follow the recommended dose. It doesn't contain any doping substances. Consult a trainer before any training effort. 

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