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Plate Storage Pair provides you with a practical and effective way of storing weight plates at the gym. It is easily attached to the beams of a training rack. Made with a diameter of 48 mm and storage area length of 35 cm, it allows you to stack up the standard size weight plates, preventing them from cluttering the floor. This way you can save space in your home or commercial gym

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Plate Storage Pair - a practical tool for stacking up weight plates directly at the training rack's beams 

Plate Storage Pair is a practical accessory for home gyms that will allow you to conveniently store your weight plates. These extensions require no screwing, simply attach them to your training rack, and use them to securely stack up your weight plates that will be ready at hand anytime you need them. They can also be used for holding your weights whenever you require reducing the difficulty of your exercise. The weights placed upon the storage extensions remain in a stable position, all while being easy to remove. Thanks to this accessory, your weight plates won't clutter the floor of your home gym, meaning you will be able to use your training rack more effectively, and without unnecessary obstructions around. 


The length of the storage space available on the extension is 35 cm, with the diameter of 48 mm, which makes it perfectly fitting to carry the standard Olympic weight plates. For example, a single extension can carry up to 7 standard 20 kg weight plates. The extensions are made of steel and are easy to attach to the rack. It is the ideal solution for everyone looking to equip a commercial or a home gym.

  Plate Storage Pair - GymBeam


Plate Storage Pair & its advantages

  • a practical accessory for storing weight plates
  • made from durable steel
  • ideal for stacking up standard Olympic weight plates
  • length of the storage area: 35 cm
  • diameter of 48 mm
  • maximum carrying capacity of 150 kg
  • easy to attach to the rack, no need for screwing on
  • essential extension for a training rack
  • perfect for commercial gym owners
  • a single package contains a pair of plate storage extensions





Technical details of the Plate Storage Pair

Storage space length 35 cm
Diameter 48 mm
Maximum carry capacity of a single extension 150 kg
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