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Pipe Safeties for a training rack offer a highly secure way of storing your barbell once you've finished using it. The safeties simply attach to the sides of the rack at the height adequate to the chosen exercise. If you're unable to return the barbell back to the j-cups on the rack due to fatigue, you can simply use these safeties, which offer a much more suitable solution than simply dropping the barbell on the floor.

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Pipe Safeties for training rack will help you safely drop your barbell after doing squats, bench press and other exercises 

Pipe Safeties are practical aids mounted onto the training rack for storing your barbell securely. The safeties simply attach to the sides of the rack at the height adequate to the exercise you're doing. For example, if you are preparing to do squats, place the safeties 2 to 3 cm underneath the height of the barbell when in the squatting position. The same principle applies when using the barbell for bench press. The pipe safeties should rest a few centimetres underneath the lowest point to which the barbell is brought during the exercise. This way, you can safely place the loaded barbell onto the prepared safeties


This simple piece of equipment will come especially handy whenever you have exhausted yourself too much at the end of the set, and do not have enough strength left to place the barbell back up on the mounted j-cups. Once you place the barbell on the safeties, you can easily detach the weight plates, bring the barbell up to the j-cups and continue working out. This means you won't have to worry about dropping a heavily loaded barbell on the floor, or exercise in the presence of a gym partner


The safeties are particularly suitable for working out with a barbell with weight plates loaded upon it. The length of the barbell placement area is 104 cm long, and the entire length of the pipe safety is 127 cm. This product is perfect for everyone who is looking to equip either a commercial or a home gym. The package includes two units of the pipe safeties, the maximum carry weight limit of which is 300 kg. The safeties are fully compatible with the GymBeam power rack.

 Pipe Safeties - GymBeam


Pipe Safeties & their advantages 

  • a practical tool for securely storing a barbell 
  • easy to manipulate with
  • made from durable steel
  • maximum carry capacity of a single pair of safeties is 300 kg
  • barbell placement area of 104 cm
  • attaches to the training rack at the height adequate to the exercise
  • ideal for use when doing squats, bench press and other exercises
  • allows you to exercise in a safer way
  • simple attachment mechanism requires no screwing on
  • perfect for home gym owners
  • a single package contains 2 units of the pipe safeties 





Technical details of the safeties

Length 127 cm
Barbell placement area length 104 cm
Maximum carrying capacity 300 kg
Product detail
Made in Slovakia
Product Labels New
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
Legal category of the product accessories
EAN 8586024620490
HS code 95069190: --- Ostatné
Number of pieces per pallet 1 pc.
Number of pieces per package 1 pc.
Brutto weight 10.91 kg
Length 10.00 cm
Width 131.00 cm
Height 10.00 cm
Main category Power Racks & Stands
Other categories Workout Accessories
New Arrivals
Home Workout


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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