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PillBox 10 is a practical case for tablets or capsules, thanks to which you will always have your daily serving of vitamins or other nutritional supplements neatly stored and ready to use. You won't have to carry several packages to the gym, or look for small tablets scattered all over your gym bag. This container has 10 separate storage compartments for precise dosing of tablets or capsules. It is highly durable and equipped with a secure lid.

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PillBox 10 - a practical case with ten compartments for securely storing your tabs and capsules 

PillBox 10 is a very practical solution that will make carrying nutrition supplements in form of tabs and capsules a lot easier for you. It is a handy container with ten separate compartments. Thanks to this, you can clearly divide your pills and have a daily serving with you wherever you go. You will not have to carry several packages or look for small tablets scattered all over your bag.


In addition, this container has very compact dimensions, which makes it easy to carry around. It fits in a pocket and sports a stylish black colour with the distinctive GymBeam logo printed on the top. It is made of solid plastic and thanks to the secure lid, the contents will never spill. This gives you a convenient tablet-carrying solution that professionals around the world like to use.                  


PillBox 10 & its advantages

  • a practical container for tablets or capsules
  • has 10 separate compartments
  • allows you to easily and conveniently carry your nutritional supplements
  • avoid having to carry several tab packages around, or having to look for tabs scattered all around your bag
  • compact dimensions that make it fit in a pocket
  • made of solid plastic
  • secure lid prevents spilling
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