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Pilates Ring is an effective exercise aid used for deep full body strengthening. This flexible ring is used particularly for sets of exercises that constitute the practice of pilates. Pressing this ring with your legs or arms activates the deep muscles in the group. In addition, it is useful for strengthening your core and back. Pilates Ring is the perfect accessory for effective home workouts. 

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Pilates Ring is an exercise tool ideal for deep strengthening of your core, thighs and arms that anybody can use

Pilates Ring is an effective exercise tool for full body strengthening. This flexible ring with two double-sided rests for comfortable use will help you effectively work on your deep musculature. Using the rests as handles, the ring is used by pressing it together with your arms or legs, upon which it provides resistance to the muscles engaged. 


This exercise tool will allow you to work on your arms, abdomen, back, glutes and legs. It is perfect for exercising the insides of your thighs, which is done either by lying on your side or on your back with your knees bent. In one of these positions, place the ring in between your thighs and squeeze it. Aside from pilates, it is useful for yoga and stretching. For example, you can try it for stretching your legs. Lay on your back, bring one leg up and press the bottom of your foot against the inner padding of the ring. Grasp the opposite pad with your hands, straighten up your leg and pull it towards your head using the ring. 


Pilates Ring is a perfect home workout tool for both beginners and the advanced. Using it will expand your routine with new exercises and stretches. The ring is lightweight and easy to store, meaning you can take it with you anywhere you go, and it won't take up much space at your home either. 

   Pilates Ring Black - GymBeam


Pilates Ring & its advantages

  • exercise tool for full body strengthening
  • a flexible ring that provides resistance when pressed inwards
  • equipped with two double-sided padded handles
  • lightweight and easy to store
  • diameter of 38 cm
  • suitable for yoga and stretching
  • helps strengthen inner thighs
  • suitable for working on your arms, back, abdomen and glutes
  • suitable for both beginners and the advanced
  • ideal for home workouts 



NBR, EVA, fibreglass, PP (rests).



Dimension Diameter
Diameter of the ring 38 cm
Thickness of the ring 3 cm
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