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PUSH Parallette Bars is a practical fitness tool for home bodyweight strength training. Made from solid material to withstand heavy weights. The product also features slip-resistance grip making it suitable for handstands, push-ups, and other exercises.

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PUSH Parallette Bars - a practical tool perfect for home bodyweight strength training

PUSH Parallette Bars is a practical must-have fitness equipment for every fitness enthusiast. Parallette bars are perfect for home bodyweight strength training, while the strong construction guarantees safe use. They also feature non-slip grips, making them suitable not only for push-ups but also for handstands and other exercises. The grip diameter is 25 mm, which is the optimal size to keep your grip firm and secure. The big advantage of these bars is their total length of 65 cm, which ensures greater stability during exercise.


If you want to expand your home gym gear with another training piece of equipment suitable for multiple exercises, then PUSH Parallette Bars are a great choice. 


PUSH Parallete Bars - GymBeam


PUSH Parallette Bars & their benefits

  • a practical tool for home strength training
  • a firm construction
  • 65 cm length ensures stability during exercise
  • non-slip grip
  • can be used for push-ups, handstands, and many other exercises  



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