OstroVit Night Protein

Night Protein from manufacturer OstroVit is a category of supplements that generally encompasses slowly absorbing protein products. Typically, these are based on micellar casein, but in a few cases, the ingredients also contain admixtures of other protein types, such as whey concentrate or milk protein, which produces a blend of both fast and slow absorbing protein types.

Micellar casein is produced via a process of microfiltration from fresh or skimmed cow's milk and typically contains about 70 to 80 % of protein. This type of protein has a slower and steadier absorption rate, which sits at about 6 g/h, compared to whey protein’s 10 g/h. For this reason, it is commonly used at nighttime, often substituting cottage cheese or curd. This slow absorption rate is caused by the colloidal protein particles, known as micelles. If you are preparing to fast for an extended period of time and want to make sure that your muscles are well supplied with high quality protein in the meantime, this category of products is ideal for you. Prototypical products in this category include micellar casein or FueNight.

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Who can benefit the most from nighttime protein supplements?

  • Strength and endurance athletes that fast for extended periods of time
  • Anyone seeking to provide their body with protein for the night
  • Anyone seeking to ensure a proper daily protein intake
  • Anyone looking to increase their protein intake to facilitate weight loss
  • Cooks looking to increase protein content in the dishes they prepare
  • Persons in convalescence after an accident.
  • Anyone looking to give their body a solid source of high quality protein.
  • Anyone looking for a snack that provides a long-lasting satiety

What is the recommended serving amount of nighttime protein supplement?

With whey protein supplements, it is generally recommended to serve about 0.25 - 0.3 g per kg of body weight. If you can’t be bothered with calculating, you won’t go wrong with a serving of about 20 - 40 g of the product. This corresponds to a roughly topped 30 g measuring scoop. This type of protein supplement is ideal for anyone looking to supply their body with a slow-absorbing protein source that acts over a long period of time.

How to take nighttime protein supplements?

  • The typical way of using this type of supplement is to mix it with water or milk, creating a delicious shake. It can be consumed anytime throughout your day when you are expecting to go on without any meals for an extended period of time
  • However, it also tastes great in a variety of porridge bowls and oatmeals that will benefit  from the added protein. 
  • A protein supplement can be added to a baking dough to create protein-packed desserts
  • The variations with no added flavours are perfect for preparing savoury dishes, such as protein-enriched pizza.
  • It can be added to a smoothie or a cup of coffee, enriching your beverages with the much-needed protein, while also improving their satiation factor. 

Want to learn more about casein protein powder, its benefits and recommended use? Then you should check out our article What Is Casein, What are Its Benefits and How Is It Better than Whey Protein? 

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