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Neoprene Waist Belt protects the lumbar spine, supports upright posture, and thanks to neoprene warms the kidneys. This way, it can prevent and relieve back pain from over-training, wrong way of sitting, or lack of exercise. The belt has a Velcro fastener, is elastic and easy to clean.

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Neoprene Waist Belt will protect your lower back from injury

Neoprene Waist Belt protects the lumbar spine, supports upright posture and heats kidneys thanks to neoprene. It prevents and relieves low back pain from over-exertion, poor seating, or lack of exercise. Neoprene protects the back from cold wind blows, so it is also recommended when riding a motorcycle or bicycle. We usually use it during sport activities, especially for fitness, weightlifting and also weight loss. Neoprene material allows rapid reduction of fat tissue. This belt can be easily fasten and secured by Velcro. It is elastic, soft, comfortable and easy to clean thanks to its high density material.  


Neoprene waist trimmer - GymBeam


Neoprene Waist Belt & its benefitsker3

  • hip belt for back strengthening 
  • stabilizes spine in cross-section
  • forms a very good protection of the internal organs, especially the kidneys
  • prevents back pain
  • healing process penetrates deep into fabrics
  • strongly supports blood circulation
  • effectively regenerates joints and ligaments
  • relaxes strained muscles
  • accelerates the healing process
  • suitable for the lumbar spine injuries
  • maintains thermal comfort lumbar region


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Size Waist size
M 100x20 cm
L 120x20cm
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