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Multifunctional Push-Up Board is a fitness tool for training the upper body muscles. It features colour-coded lines that will help you adjust the handles to fit different training positions. You can adjust these based on whether you want to primarily strengthen your shoulders, trapezius muscles, triceps, or the chest. This will assist you in performing numerous variations of push-ups using the proper exercise technique and thus increase your training effectiveness.

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Multifunctional Push-Up Board – an effective tool for strengthening the upper half of the body

Multifunctional Push-Up Board is a practical fitness tool that you can use to train the upper body muscles. It boasts colour-coded lines with insertion points for the handles, which you can adjust to fit different training positions. You adjust these based on whether you want to primarily strengthen your shoulder, trapezius, triceps, or chest muscles. This fitness tool therefore allows you to perform numerous push-up variations, increasing the diversity and effectiveness of your workout.


The handles are covered with a non-slip surface, ensuring a firm grip. Moreover, you won't bend and strain your wrists as much as you would do with regular push-ups when using this board. Its stability on the ground is also ensured thanks to the anti-slip stickers that you attach to the bottom of the board. The maximum weight capacity of the Multifunctional Push-Up Board is 100 kg.


The package also includes 2 rubber expanders, which you attach to the board using a carabiner on one of the 4 metal loops. Use your feet to secure the board on the ground. Afterward, grip the handles of the expander, and you can start performing exercises such as bicep curls, lateral raises, or front raises. Each expander has a resistance of 19 kg. When using both bands, you can thus achieve a maximum resistance of 38 kg.


All of the above makes the Multifunctional Push-Up Board an ideal fitness tool for both beginners and advanced athletes. It is sure to be appreciated by all those who want to work on arm strength, promote muscle growth in the upper limbs, or improve their push-up technique. Therefore, it will find its use in every home gym.


Multifunctional Push-Up Boards & its benefits

  • a practical fitness tool for training the upper half of the body
  • features colour-coded lines according to different types of grips and the involvement of different muscle parts
  • allows performing numerous push-up variations
  • equipped with anti-slip handles
  • anti-slip stickers make sure that it is stable on the ground
  • has a weight capacity of 100 kg
  • package includes 2 rubber expanders with a resistance of 19 kg each
  • suitable for biceps curls, lateral raises and other exercises with an expander
  • ideal for strengthening shoulder, trapezius, biceps, triceps, and pectoral muscles
  • ideal for your home gym
  • can help build and tone muscles


Package includes

  • 1× multifunctional push-up board
  • 2× handle with anti-slip surface
  • 2× expander
  • 1× English Manual
  • 1× anti-slip sticker set



Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer.


Technical details

Length 71 cm
Width 19 cm
Thickness 2.5 cm
Weight capacity 100 kg


Colour Coding of the Handles According to the Targeted Muscle Group

Position Colour Primarily Targeted Muscle Group
Red Shoulders
Blue Chest
Green Triceps
Yellow Trapezius Muscle
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