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Mr. Dragon is delicious dried pitahaya, also known as dragon fruit. It comes from the heart of Vietnam and captivates at first glance with its exotic appearance. It has a delicate sweet taste and thanks to its nutrition profile it serves as a great snack that replenishes your energy and vitamin C supply.

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Mr. Dragon - delicious and exotic dried pitahaya that impresses with its delicate, delicious flavour 

Mr. Dragon is for all dried fruit lovers who enjoy exotic flavours. This delicious dried pitahaya also known as dragon fruit comes straight from the heart of Vietnam, where it grows on cactus plants and makes for the base of the local sweet cuisine. It captivates at the very first glance with its unusual appearance, and impresses thoroughly with its delicious mildly sweet taste. It is also rich in antioxidants and sodium, which contributes to the hydration of your body. What's more, it contains vitamin C, which is highly beneficial to your health. It helps maintain the proper function of immunity and nervous system, and contributes to the natural production of collagen in the body.


Mr. Dragon is manufactured via a slow and complex drying process, thanks to which we can taste this delicious snack food in our part of the world. It is great as a healthy substitute for sweets any time of the day, and fits perfectly into many fitness recipes for protein bowls, puddings and cakes. Finally, it is also ideal for replenishing your energy on the go, whether it's on a hike or a long bike trip. 


Mr. Dragon & its advantages 

  • delicious & exotic dried pitahaya 
  • a particular mildly sweet taste
  • interesting appearance 
  • contains sodium and vitamin C
  • great as a snack or an alternative to sweets 
  • suitable for vegans
  • ideal for use in many fitness recipes



Dragon fruit 96 %, sugar 3,9 %, preservative sodium disulphite 0,1 %.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts100 g
Energy 1546 kJ / 369 kcal
Fats 1,96 g
of which are saturated fatty acids 0,782 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Carbohydrates 80,03 g
of which are sugars 64,22 g
Protein 3,62 g
Sodium 43,6 mg 
Vitamin C 14 mg


Keep in a dry and cool place.

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