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Mini Quick-Drying Sports Towel is an effective accessory for gym, home workouts, or any sport. It is made from a combination of polyester and polyamide, which means it dries off quickly, while absorbing only very little humidity. This towel will never get soaking wet like regular towels do, no matter how intense is your training, so that you can always rely on it.

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Mini Quick-Drying Sports Towel - ideal for sports, gym, and home workouts; quick to dry and reliable even during the hardest of trainings

Mini Quick-Drying Sports Towel has a minimalistic design decorated with the GymBeam logo. It's made from a combination of polyester and polyamide, thanks to which it boasts extraordinary properties. It is highly flexible, durable, and lasts a long time. Furthermore, it is very quick to dry, absorbing only a minimum of humidity. This means you can fully rely on it during the hardest of workouts, as it will never get completely soaked in sweat, like regular towels do.


This towel is an indispensable accessory for every training at the gym, at home, or during any sports activity. What's more, it can serve you as an exercise mat in the gym, meaning you are much less likely to leave sweat-covered gym mats behind for others. It is equipped with a rubber band, thanks to which it is easy to roll up, carry around and store away. 


Mini Quick-Drying Sports Towel & its advantages 

  • a useful accessory for gym, home workouts or sports
  • made from polyester and polyamide
  • quick to dry, absorbs minimum humidity
  • flexible, durable, and long-lasting
  • supports you through the hardest of trainings
  • can be used as an exercise mat
  • thanks to the rubber band, it is easy to roll up, store or carry around
  • minimalistic design decorated with GymBeam logo



88% polyester, 12% polyamide



66 cm x 40 cm

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