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Mini Balance Pods are an effective tool for exercising your entire body and improving your balance, coordination and agility. What's more, they can help you improve your core strength and stability, which is crucial for your posture as well as the entire musculoskeletal system. They have a diameter of 16 cm, and are made from a flexible yet durable PVC. Perfect for home workouts.

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Mini Balance Pods are handy for exercising your entire body, as well as for improving your balance, coordination and agility 

Mini Balance Pods are among the most practical fitness tools designed to help with balance-type trainings. At the same time, they are very useful for improving your coordination and agility. With these pods, you can effectively train your entire body, and they are also ideal for people looking to improve their core strength and stability, which plays a crucial role in many exercises, as well as in your posture and the overall health of your musculoskeletal system. What's more, Mini Balance Pods can be used in two distinct ways. 


With the soft side up, they provide a more stable base. When turned around, they provide a bigger challenge for your stability. This makes them a versatile tool for hitting various muscle groups for both beginners and advanced athletes. They are ideal for doing push-ups, squats as well as planks. Pods have a diameter of 16 cm and are made from durable yet flexible PVC, which ensures their longevity, whether you're using them for a training at home or at the gym. 


    Mini Balance Pods Orange - GymBeam    

Mini Balance Pods & their advantages

  • practical accessories for balance training
  • improve your balance, coordination and agility
  • ideal for improving core strength and stability
  • easily and effectively train your entire body
  • two modes of use
  • great for push-ups, squats, stretching or planks
  • diameter of 16 cm
  • made from durable and flexible PVC
  • great for training at home or gym






diameter of 16 cm

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