Men‘s Infinity Functional Leggings - STRIX


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Men's Infinity Functional Leggings are a functional sportswear that's crafted with an active lifestyle in mind and boasts the characteristic STRIX design. They will fit perfectly and strengthen your muscles for peak performance. Additionally, the functional materials that efficiently wick away sweat along with a well-designed ventilation system will ensure your comfort during any sports activity.

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Men's Infinity Functional Leggings - a comfy sportswear that efficiently wicks away sweat during strenuous workouts  

Men's Infinity Functional Leggings are a comfy sportswear and boast the STRIX minimalist design. They are made from functional materials and designed with an active lifestyle in mind. They will perfectly fit and strengthen your muscles for peak performance. A well-designed ventilation system and efficient sweat wicking capabilities will ensure your comfort even during the most strenuous workouts. 


What's more, leggings have a breathable pattern at the back of the knee and are equipped with a practical pocket for extra storage. They are made using the seamless technology, which uses a minimum of seams. These leggings will enable you to push your limits with ease, whether you are doing strength training, running, cycling or various other sports activities.


Men's Infinity Functional Leggings - STRIX

The model is 175 cm tall and is wearing a size M.


Men's Infinity Functional Leggings & their benefits

  • sports leggings made from functional materials
  • STRIX minimalist design
  • well-designed ventilation system 
  • efficiently wick away sweat
  • made using the seamless technology with a minimum of seams
  • perfect for the gym, cycling, running and various other sports activities



92% nylon, 8% elastane


Size chart

Outseam  92 cm 94 cm 96 cm 98 cm 100 cm
1/2 waistline 34 cm 36 cm 38 cm 40 cm 43 cm
1/2 hip 36 cm 39 cm 42 cm 45 cm 48 cm
Front rise 25 cm 26 cm 27 cm 28 cm 29 cm
1/2 cuff 11.5 cm 12.5 cm 13.5 cm 14.5 cm 15,5 cm


General anthropometric dimensions

Waist 72-80 cm 80-85 cm 85-90 cm 96-104 cm 105-110 cm
Hips 96-100 cm 100-104 cm 104-109 cm 109-115 cm 116-121 cm
Inseam 80 cm 81 cm 82 cm 83 cm 84 cm
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