Men‘s Essential Leggings Black - STRIX


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Men's Essential Leggings are a simple, functional piece you can wear on its own or as a base layer underneath a pair of shorts. They are quick to dry and provide maximum support for every training. Their minimalistic design is decorated with the logo of the premium STRIX family.

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Men's Essential Leggings - quick to dry functional piece with a minimalistic design that proves simple is beautiful 

Men's Essential Leggings are made for every active person looking for carefully designed functional leggings for every type of training. They can be worn on their own, or as a base layer underneath shorts. They are made from a combination of nylon and elastane, which ensures sufficient durability and flexibility.


Thanks to the functional materials, the leggings absorb sweat effectively and are exceptionally quick to dry, meaning they will serve you well even at the most intense workouts. They are certain to keep you dry and satisfy even the most demanding athletes. Additionally, the leggings are designed to fit tightly around your leg muscles, not only highlighting them visually, but also providing them with extra support for particularly strained exercise.


You will no doubt also appreciate the minimalistic design decorated with the logo of the premium quality STRIX family. Join the elite created around the STRIX brand and fully express your love for an active lifestyle.


Men‘s Essential Leggings Black - STRIX

The model is 176 cm tall and is wearing the size M of the product.


Essential Men's Leggings & their advantages

  • simple and functional men's leggings  
  • made from nylon and elastane  
  • absorb sweat effectively 
  • quick to dry and ideal for every type of training 
  • suitable for wearing on their own or as a base layer underneath shorts 
  • reliably fit around and highlight your leg muscles
  • highly flexible and durable  
  • minimalistic design  
  • decorated with the STRIX family logo



75% nylon, 25% elastane.


Size Chart

Length 89.7 cm 91.7 cm 93.7 cm 95.7 cm 97.7 cm
Waist circumference 66 cm 70 cm 74 cm 78 cm 82 cm
Hips circumference 77.5 cm 82.5 cm 87.5 cm 92.5 cm 97.5 cm
Cuff circumference 20.8 cm 22 cm 23.2 cm 24.4 cm 25.6 cm
Front rise length 29.8 cm 30.8 cm 31.8 cm 32.8 cm 33.8 cm
Back rise length 34.2 cm 35.2 cm 36.2 cm 37.2 cm 38.2 cm


General anthropometric dimensions

Waist 72-80 cm 80-85 cm 85-90 cm 96-104 cm 105-110 cm
Hips 96-100 cm 100-104 cm 104-109 cm 109-115 cm 116-121 cm
Inner seam 80 cm 81 cm 82 cm 83 cm 84 cm
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