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Men's Double-Layer Shorts are designed for high intensity training activities. The inner layer is made from functional material that reliably absorbs sweat no matter your tempo. In addition, it comes equipped with an inconspicuous pocket. The outer layer, on the other hand, sports a loose cut, thanks to which the shorts are highly comfortable and do not restrict any movement.

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Men's Double-Layer Shorts are highly comfortable and functional and provide reliable sweat absorption

Men's Double-Layer Shorts are a highly comfortable and functional pair of sports shorts that will elevate every active man's wardrobe. Their key feature is the two-layer design. The inner layer is made from elastic material that adjusts to the body and perfectly absorbs sweat, meaning you will stay dry and fresh even during the most intense of activities. This layer is also equipped with a hidden pocket, in which you can safely conceal small items such as your cell phone, keys, or other valuables, so that you can be sure they never get lost by accident. The outer layer sports a loose cut that ensures full freedom of movement no matter the activity. It is also equipped with further pockets that will ensure you can carry even more items on you. 


To ensure the shorts don't slide up or down and firmly remain in place while you move, they are equipped with silicon elements in the shape of letter N all around the inner waistline. Thanks to this, they are perfectly adjusted to cover your needs during the most intense of training sessions. You can take them to the gym for strength training, a crossfit session, HIIT, out for a run, or any other activity. Their minimalistic single colour design decorated with the iconic NEBBIA logos at the waist tops off the overall look and makes them a piece you definitely want in your wardrobe. 


Men's Double-Layer Shorts & their advantages

  • double layered functional shorts for gentlemen
  • reliable sweat absorption
  • comfortable cut
  • adjust to the body
  • equipped with a variety of practical pockets
  • designed to prevent sliding
  • ideal for intense training sessions



77 % polyamide, 23 % elastane 


Size Chart

Waist circumference  80-86 cm 86-94 cm 64-102 cm 102-110 cm
Hips circumference 90-94 cm 96-104 cm 104-110 cm 110-118 cm
Thighs circumference 55-60 cm 60-65 cm 65-70 cm 70-75 cm
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