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Lila Vibes Sports Towel is made from microfibre that warms you up when leaving a bath, and cools you down when feeling too hot. The stylish and charming BeastPink family design is spread over the generous dimensions of 50 x 90 cm, meaning the towel is large enough not serve you as an exercise mat. What's more, it is equipped with a practical eyelet for hanging, and a rubber band that allows you to fold it elegantly. 

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Lila Vibes Sports Towel - a practical and stylish accessory for the gym or any sport

Lila Vibes Sports Towel is a stylish accessory for the gym or any sport, that will help you wipe the sweat off your brow. With its dimensions of 50 x 90 cm, it is also a large enough to use as a mat for exercise. It is made from microfibre, which warms you up when cold, cools you off when hot, and feels very pleasant to the skin. What's more, it is highly durable, keeps its colours after long use, and dries off very quickly. You won't have to worry its colours would wash and fade out. 


Lila Vibes Beach Towel is also easy to carry around, as you can elegantly fold it. This makes it extraordinarily practical and helps save space in your luggage when travelling, especially when all you've got is your carry-on. In addition, it is equipped with a small eyelet so you can easily hang it when, for example, entering the shower in the gym after your workout. If you're looking for a sports towel that is fully functional, easy to carry and boasts a designer quality, Lila Vibes is the right choice for you. 


Sports Towel Lila Vibes - BeastPink


Lila Vibes Sports Towel & its advantages

  • stylish towel with the BeastPink family design
  • sufficient size with the dimensions of 50 x 90 cm
  • made from microfibre 
  • pleasant, smooth fabric
  • quick dry and highly durable
  • lasts for a long time and doesn't fade out
  • practical and easy to fold






50 cm x 90 cm

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