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Landmine Attachment is a practical tool for strength training. Just place the bottom part into the hole of the weight plate placed on the ground and insert the barbell into the top part. This will allow you to perform a variety of exercises such as shoulder press, single leg deadlift or various rotations. You can use this attachment for full-body and functional workouts. 

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Landmine Attachment - a practical adapter that connects to both the weight plate and the barbell, giving you an innovative tool for strength training

Landmine Attachment is an innovative sports accessory for a comprehensive full-body workout. This adapter is made from a durable material that consists of iron with a matte black colour on the surface. It consists of two short tubes mounted to a swivel joint. It is used by inserting the lower part with a diameter of 50 mm into the hole of a weight plate laid on the ground. Then you have to insert the Olympic barbell into the upper 30 mm part, grab the opposite end and start exercising. And if the weight of the barbell isn't enough, you can load some additional weight plates.


This adapter allows for a 360-degree range of motion. This makes it ideal for a variety of upper and lower body exercises such as shoulder press, bent over row, single leg deadlifts, squats, lunges or rotations. It is suitable for both dynamic and static exercises. Moreover, since the barbell is anchored only at one end, you will also engage your core muscles and stabilizers during the exercise. Another advantage is that you can use it for bilateral and unilateral exercises. You can exercise each arm or leg separately with it, which can help with muscle imbalances.


The Landmine Attachment is thus a practical piece of equipment that will find its place in every gym. It can be used in functional training at the gym, as well as by crossfitters. It is also suitable as part of strength training for team athletes, such as football, basketball, rugby or American football players. Likewise for all other active people who want to work on strength, dynamics and explosiveness.


Landmine Attachment & its benefits

  • a practical functional training tool
  • made from durable iron
  • used in combination with the Olympic plates and barbell
  • allows 360-degree range of motion
  • suitable for bilateral and unilateral exercises
  • suitable for static and dynamic full-body training
  • ideal for strength athletes
  • suitable for team athletes
  • can be used for strength training, dynamics and explosiveness
  • suitable for every gym 



iron with a matte black surface



Top diameter 30 mm
Bottom diameter 50 mm
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