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Infinity Compression Socks are a premium quality pair of sports socks made from elastic material that will reliably tighten up and reinforce the muscles of your calves. This way, the socks help reduce vibrations in your muscles, all while improving blood circulation. As a result, the produced lactates are drained away more effectively, providing you with faster regeneration. These socks are ideal for all runners, cyclists and hiking enthusiasts. 

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Infinity Compression Socks are designed to support blood circulation in your calves, which can reflect on the quality of your performance  

Infinity Compression Socks offer effective compression and reinforcement of muscles from the feet up to the knees. They help absorb and reduce vibrations and shocks in your muscles, all while boosting blood circulation in the compressed area. In effect, this may improve your performance and muscle regeneration rate by making the draining and breakdown of lactates in your muscles more effective. Thanks to these properties, compression socks are highly sought after by individuals who seek to improve their athletic performance and muscle regeneration rate. 


Infinity Compression Socks are made from quick-to-dry nylon and highly elastic elastane. They are easy to roll up and pack into your backpack or even just a larger pocket, meaning you can have them at hand anytime you need them. They do not slide up or down inside the shoe, which means you won't have to worry about forming unpleasant abrasions and calluses. Another great advantage of these socks is their single colour design, which makes them easy to combine with other sportswear. Their stylish design is completed with the logos of the premium quality brand STRIX.


You will certainly appreciate their handy properties when running, cycling, working out at your local gym, or enjoying the outdoors on a hike. Moreover, these socks are the ideal choice for people who struggle with the sensation of heavy feet due to spending a lot of time standing up or sitting down at work or elsewhere. These knee-high compression socks are ultimately very useful during long trips on a plane or a bus. 


Join the elite formed around the STRIX brand and fully express your love for an active lifestyle.

      Infinity Compression Socks - STRIX


Infinity Compression Socks & their advantages 

  • premium quality sports socks
  • made from an elastic material
  • fabric combines nylon and elastane
  • offer effective calf compression
  • reach up to the knees
  • perfectly fit to the shape of your feet
  • quick to dry
  • reduce the vibrations in the calf muscles 
  • ideal for athletes looking to boost their performance and regeneration
  • suitable for people struggling with the sensation of heavy feet
  • easy to store
  • timeless single colour design
  • decorated with logos of STRIX brand
  • suitable for running, cycling, hiking and gym



80 % nylon, 20 % elastane.


Size Chart

EU 35 - 38 39 - 42 43 - 46
Length of the foot (unstretched) 19.5 cm 22 cm 23.5 cm
Calf circumference (up to maximum stretch) 19 - 44 cm 21 - 50 cm 22 - 52 cm
Length of the sock (unstretched) 31 cm 32 cm 35 cm


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