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Infinity Black Shaker, has a volume of 1000 ml, and will take care of your water intake during workout, or you can also use it for a protein drink. It is made of quality and safe Tritan without BPA and phthalates. The combination of elegant design and its versatility is perfect not only for men but also for ladies.

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Infinity Black – a 1000 ml shaker to begin your new lifestyle

Infinity Black Shaker has a volume of 1000 ml and will take care of your water daily intake. Forget all other shakers. It has simple, yet interesting modern design that will help you to keep track of your water intake.


Infinity Black Shaker bottle is made with quality Tritan material that is free of BPA and phthalates. Forget about lumpy protein shakes and enjoy smooth, great-tasting drinks. Thanks to the plastic mixing ball inside it will easily mix any protein drink or any other powdered supplement. It is also suitable for smoothies or fruit juices. That is why it is perfect for an active and demanding lifestyle. Tighten the screw-on lid, snap the flip cap shut, and that’s it. And it will never leak.


Benefits of Infinity Black Shaker

  • 1000 ml volume
  • made of quality Tritan material
  • does not contain BPA and phthalates
  • perfectly mixes any powdered supplements
  • has a tight lid and a wide aperture opening
  • easy to wash
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