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Hydrator TT Sports Bottle 2.5 l is designed for anyone who understands the importance of drinking water and wants to have maximum control over their hydration regime. The large volume of the bottle will make sure that you don't have to worry about constant refilling. You'll also love its practical shape, leak-proof cap and trendy design. The bottle is suitable for the gym and office.

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Hydrator TT Sports Bottle 2.5 l with a modern design makes it easier for you to stay hydrated at work, during training and on the go

Hydrator TT Sports Bottle 2.5 l will become your faithful companion for your hydration regimen. It has a larger volume, so you avoid the constant need to go to refill it. Simply fill the bottle in the morning and then watch the liquid in it gradually disappear. This way, you'll know exactly how much water you've drunk in a day and whether your body is optimally hydrated.


The great advantage of this bottle is its overall design. It has a practical anatomically shaped area on the side that makes it easy to carry. Moreover, it features a practical cap that does not leak and a snap-on area to drink from. This avoids tedious lid screwing and makes accessing your drink even easier. Last but not least, it boasts a matt design with the GymBeam logo. The single-colour bottle looks elegant and stylish, making sure that it will stand out on your work desk as well as in the gym.


If you find it difficult to drink the necessary amount of fluids during the day or are just looking for a stylish bottle, the Hydrator TT 2.5 l will be the ideal choice for you.


Hydrator TT 2.5 l Sports Bottle & its benefits

  • bottle with a capacity of 2.5 l
  • BPA-free
  • has an anatomically shaped carrying handle
  • the tight cap does not leak
  • the bottle lid does not need to be screwed
  • ideal for work and the gym
  • has a stylish matt design



The bottle is suitable for cold drinks or drinks at room temperature. Do not pour hot or warm liquids into it. Do not wash the bottle in the dishwasher.

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