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Hula Hoop is a unique fitness tool guaranteed to spice up your home trainings. Get the hoop moving by spinning your waist, hips and butt around your central axis and watch it shape up your problematic areas together with your overall stamina. The hoop is 1m in diameter and easily collapsed for moving around, which makes it great portable fitness accessory.

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Hula Hoop - an effective tool for a creative home training  

Hula Hoop is a fun and functional fitness tool for home trainings. The spinning motion it incites will get your entire body moving, which will allow you to burn calories and shape up your figure in a fun way. It has a diameter of 1 m and is easily collapsed for carrying around, thanks to its six segment design. The segments are joined together to form a circle and don't obstruct your exercise movements in any way. Once you've finished your exercise, collapse the hoop and store it away easily. It is made of high quality material combining the light polypropylene and the soft rubber. When exercising, the hoop is gentle on the skin.


Hula Hooping has long ceased to be a simple game for kids. This new fitness trend is gathering significant popularity thanks to the fact that it's a fun and effective way to work out, lose weight and improve your overall physical condition. If you're not all that into the traditional resistance training (or other more usual forms of training), hula hooping might just be your thing



Hula Hoop & its benefits

  • useful fitness tool  
  • made of high quality material
  • helps improve physical condition
  • helps shape up waist, hips, buttocks
  • easy to store and travel with
  • suitable for both beginner and advanced trainings


Properties of the Hula Hoop

Diameter 1 m
Weight 1,39 kg
Thickness 3,5 cm
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