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Hair Mate Hair Brush is a practical accessory for combing hair that should be an essential part of every woman's purse or gym bag. Thanks to its ergonomically shaped handle, it fits perfectly into the hand, and is easy to use. What's more, it takes up very little space, which is something you are sure to appreciate when travelling. It will help you style your hair anytime you need. 

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Hair Mate Hair Brush is an essential and stylish accessory for combing your hair that fits perfectly into any purse or gym bag

Hair Mate Hair Brush is an essential accessory for every woman who takes good care of her appearance. This practical brush for combing and hairstyling has an ergonomic handle shape, thanks to which it fits into your hand perfectly and is easy to use. It takes up very little space, meaning it's easy to carry in your purse, sports bag or backpack. You can always have it at hand, whether you're at university, in school, on the road, or just about to leave the gym after a workout


Hair Mate Hair Brush & its advantages 

  • a trendy hair brush for combing your hair
  • fits perfectly into the hand
  • helps with hairstyling
  • ideal to carry in purse, sports bag or backpack
  • suitable for travelling




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